Its Time for Non-Violent Misdemeanor Prison Reform

Support Bill Senate Bill 552 and House Bill 3717 to remove bails on select nonviolent misdemeanor offenses by contacting your local state reps and senators.


The Willie Wilson Foundation is gearing up for the 2nd Annual Second Chance Bailout. We are committed to bailing out select Illinois residents who have unfair bail amounts in the Cook County jail system. This is not a political issue, it's a moral one. When people are locked up for minor offenses and that are not a harm to the public and have bail amounts that they cannot afford. The Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation goal for 2017 is to assist with the bail of up to 1,000 residents through this Second Chance initiative.
Please consider Partnering with the Dr.Willie Wilson Foundation Second Chance Bailout program with trusted leaders and organizations.
This is how you can assist:


• Assist with communicating your support and alliance to this effort.
• Messaging will be consistent across all media, video, radio, television and social media with clear statements about this pioneering effort. Once videos are edited and formatted for use, please share on your social media platforms
• Support Bill 552 Sponsored by Senator Donne Trotter and House Bill 3717 Sponsored by Representative Elgie Sims to remove bails on select nonviolent misdemeanor offenses by contracting your local state reps and senators.

Find your local representatives here: 


To Assist in our effort please provide the following:

• What services do you offer?
• What are your service areas?
• What is your capacity level?
• Are you able to provide immediate resources?
• Will you be willing to have a representative from your agency attend Dr. Willie Wilson Forundation events?